1. All exhibitors are required to collect and pay Tennsessee sales tax. Festival sponsors assume no liability for exhibitors' compliance with sales tax requirements.
  2. No sales will be permitted on festival grounds except by duly authorized exhibitors. No travel-through sales are permitted.
  3. All advertising placed on the festival grounds is subject to festival approval.
  4. Each exhibitor will be responsible for garbage and trash disposal on a daily basis and for cleanup.
  5. Artists and craftsmen must display their own wares. Commercial products to be displayed and sold will be at the discretion of the festival board.
  6. The only generators allowed in the festival are the small, quiet ones such as a Honda or Predator. Generators over 52 decibels will not be permitted, at the discretion of the festival board.
  7. All food booths must be Health Department compliant to pass inspection. ALL FOOD VENDORS MUST SUBMIT A CERTIFICATE OF LIABILITY INSURANCE WITH THEIR APPLICATION.
  8. ALL vendors must check-in at the front area of Ellington Hall. Your vendor pass will be given at that time.
  9. Extension cords must be covered by the vendor to avoid trip hazards.
  10. Non-compliance with the "General Rules" may result in expulsion from the festival.